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Guns Kill!
The Art of Chaos and the Ego

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Personal Insights


por Marie M. Rivera

La vida es como la profundidad del mar, de gran alcance
Conduciéndonos en muchas direcciones
Los corales en las aguas poco profundas
Envían un beso de la vida
Colores radiantes como el abrazo de un amante

Pero en el fondo, el frío adormece todo sentimiento
La incertidumbre de la oscuridad
Un eco, el tambor de la ejecución
Un eco, el latido de mi corazón

El silencio me rodea como una noche fría
¿Dónde está el calor del abrazo de mi amante?


by Marie M. Rivera   

Life is like the depth of the sea, powerful
Driving us in many directions
Corals in the shallow water sending a kiss from life
Radiant colors like a lover’s embrace
But in the depth, the coldness numbs all feeling
The uncertainty of the darkness
An echo, the drum of execution
An echo, the beat of my heart
Silence surrounds me like a cold night
Where is the warmth of my lovers embrace?
Where is my next season?
Silence surrounds me like the dark of no season

Guns Kill!

Every day we hear about a shooting...  

Sadly, again early morning news about a shooting, this one at Pulse club in Orlando with 42 injured and about 20 dead.  My prayers to the families and friends of those who were killed.
Guns in the hands of people who are hateful and want to cause harm are dangerous, we need control.  The right to bear arms is a constitutional rightBUTnot everyone should have a gun in their hands.  

We can not wait till, we are so outraged because a family member or friend was impacted by a delusional hateful shooter.

The Art of Chaos and the Ego

Hate comments, even jokingly is bullying and it thrives everywhere on the Internet. Bullying, which is being mean to the point of causing mental and physical harm is NOT NEW.
Throughout the ages we read about people inflicting mental anguish and physical pain to booster their personal esteem, as if by magic, being evil minded gives the illusion of being a strong, victorious person. But sadly, these people, with big egos that function by disruption use chaos as their major tool of mind control.

People with no kids don't know - Hilariously Funny!

Indigenous Festival ~ Jayuya, Puerto Rico

Indigenous Festival  

Jayuya, Puerto Rico

Held every November 19th 
to celebrate the discovery of Puerto Rico by Christopher Columbus.

Beautiful festival full of Taino exhibitions, artisan crafts and dancers.

A pageant with a young 
Taino Maiden Queen.

Great food, artisan crafts, 
lost of fun, dancing in the streets.


Festival Indígena de Jayuya

Se celebra cada 19 de noviembre
para celebrar el descubrimiento de Puerto Rico por Cristóbal Colón.

Hermosa festival lleno de exposiciones de los Taínos, artesanías y bailarines.

Tsunami of Life Events

Hi Friends, 

Have you ever stepped into a black hole and woke up years later?  Well, it does happen and its not Alzheimer's.  Then what is it?

It's a tsunami of life events that overwhelm you, then it spins you like a tornado dropping you in a daze.  Disoriented, crashing down like a meteor that leaves you wondering what is next.  No surprise, it happens to me and I'm sure to you yet we survive those tsunami days that rocks our tranquility, our balance in life.

For the love of Joey

For the love of Joey,

Brave children fight what they can not understand and these same children are giants among little people who do not understand.  Life is not perfect, we are not perfect, but with the love of a Special Mother, a little boy named Joey grew into a compassionate loving person whose will motivate others.  This I observed on the internet group he started, he shares his love.Being a mother, I understand the bonds but now being a mother again to a less fortunate child, I too share my LOVE with him and with you.

Interview with Norm Chomsky

You need Flash Player in order to view this.
Chomsky & Krauss: An Origins Project Dialogue (OFFICIAL) - (Part 1/2)
Join intellectual giant Noam Chomsky and noted physicist and public intellectual Lawrence Krauss for an intimate evening of conversation at the Origins Project Dialogue. Science, Mind, and Politics is...

Color Me Red

There are 365 days in a year to feel the color red and celebrate the passion of love. The fire of life and not just once a year.

Do we need to celebrate the passion of life everyday of our lives? I certainly haven't done it. My life, since I can remember has been a roller coaster of emotions with love, tears of laughter and that hollow sensation of sorrow and loss. The answer to this dilemma, my dilemma is easy, I can just park my emotions in a Utopian plateau and engrave a smile on my heart.


This is dedicated to my family, friends and friends yet to meet.


If I had a magic wand this new year, 
I would shower you with…

Serenity to bring you inner peace.
Fresh waters of spring to rejuvenate you
and wash your sorrows away.
Abundant tears of joy to bring you the essence of love.
And may you learn from any tears of sadness you encounter.
Abundant blessings from heaven to bring you laughter and joy.
And patience for those sour moments that may come your way.

Kujon A Taíno and A Monk

A Taíno and A Monk

Last Tuesday, I did a video interview with Kujon, a Monk and a Taino. My interviews are simple, I only ask a question or two and just listen. Listening to what Kujon had to say to the general public was interesting and bare. I hope to have it on YouTube in a month along with an English translation, voice override with Kujon’s voice low in the background.

Before the interview, I asked Kujon again, if he would permit me to do a biography of his life. We discussed what that meant, and I emphasized how important it is to tell the world about his tribe.

Indigenous People of Puerto Rico Concilio Taíno Guatu Ma Cu A Boriken, Entrevista

Indigenous People of Puerto Rico

 Concilio Taíno Guatu Ma Cu A Boriken, Entrevista

Taino Indian Culture - Commentary 2 (updated Appril 26, 2014)

Posted from ArtReviewPR.com

We are fortunate that there are still indigenous tribes in Puerto Rico, at least one that I know of that still practices the traditions as handed down from their ancestors.  Dr. Juan Carlos Martinez-Cruzado from the University of Puerto Rico in Mayagüez was commissioned to do DNA testing to see if there were any Taíno Indians still in existence in Puerto Rico.  This test would confirm if the Taíno Indians were annihilated as the history books state.
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