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Feeling like a pawn?
Guns Kill!
The Art of Chaos and the Ego

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Just Maguida!

Just Stuff

Feeling like a pawn?

Feeling like a pawn?

Yes, we are all pawns with every keystroke and every website we visit it opens up “Pandoras Box” of commercialism.

I was reading a BBC News article: “YouTube stars' fury over algorithm tests” and it was another confirmation that we are pawns.

Not just YouTube, algorithm is math, it is not a test, it is a way of life today.  We are constantly being asked which way we prefer to view commercials on telephone apps etc. Facebook and Browsers do it all the time but quietly, they know who you are by what you select or don’t select.

Guns Kill!

Every day we hear about a shooting...  

Sadly, again early morning news about a shooting, this one at Pulse club in Orlando with 42 injured and about 20 dead.  My prayers to the families and friends of those who were killed.
Guns in the hands of people who are hateful and want to cause harm are dangerous, we need control.  The right to bear arms is a constitutional rightBUTnot everyone should have a gun in their hands.  

We can not wait till, we are so outraged because a family member or friend was impacted by a delusional hateful shooter.

The Art of Chaos and the Ego

Hate comments, even jokingly is bullying and it thrives everywhere on the Internet. Bullying, which is being mean to the point of causing mental and physical harm is NOT NEW.
Throughout the ages we read about people inflicting mental anguish and physical pain to booster their personal esteem, as if by magic, being evil minded gives the illusion of being a strong, victorious person. But sadly, these people, with big egos that function by disruption use chaos as their major tool of mind control.

People with no kids don't know - Hilariously Funny!

Tsunami of Life Events

Hi Friends, 

Have you ever stepped into a black hole and woke up years later?  Well, it does happen and its not Alzheimer's.  Then what is it?

It's a tsunami of life events that overwhelm you, then it spins you like a tornado dropping you in a daze.  Disoriented, crashing down like a meteor that leaves you wondering what is next.  No surprise, it happens to me and I'm sure to you yet we survive those tsunami days that rocks our tranquility, our balance in life.

For the love of Joey

For the love of Joey,

Brave children fight what they can not understand and these same children are giants among little people who do not understand.  Life is not perfect, we are not perfect, but with the love of a Special Mother, a little boy named Joey grew into a compassionate loving person whose will motivate others.  This I observed on the internet group he started, he shares his love.Being a mother, I understand the bonds but now being a mother again to a less fortunate child, I too share my LOVE with him and with you.

Interview with Alfredo Bauza, Artist

Interview with Norm Chomsky

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Chomsky & Krauss: An Origins Project Dialogue (OFFICIAL) - (Part 1/2)
Join intellectual giant Noam Chomsky and noted physicist and public intellectual Lawrence Krauss for an intimate evening of conversation at the Origins Project Dialogue. Science, Mind, and Politics is...

Great Article about Age Proofing Your Brain

Take Dance Lessons

Play an Instrument which is a language

Learn a Foreign Language

Great Article, click on the title to read.
Yahoo Health Posted February 6, 2015

Color Me Red

There are 365 days in a year to feel the color red and celebrate the passion of love. The fire of life and not just once a year.

Do we need to celebrate the passion of life everyday of our lives? I certainly haven't done it. My life, since I can remember has been a roller coaster of emotions with love, tears of laughter and that hollow sensation of sorrow and loss. The answer to this dilemma, my dilemma is easy, I can just park my emotions in a Utopian plateau and engrave a smile on my heart.

Promes de Los Tres Santos Reyes

Promesa de Los Tres Santos Reyes

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01 Promesa de Los Reyes
2015 La Promesa Irizarry

Events for Art Review Puerto Rico

Coming Events:
Artist from Arecibo PR

"The Man and His Music"

We welcome all comments and encourage artist, muscians and authors of Puerto Rican descent who would like to have a video interview which will be featured on the website ArtReviewPR.com 

Damos la bienvenida a todos los comentarios y animamos artista, muscians y autores de ascendencia puertorriqueña que le gustaría tener una entrevista en vídeo que será presentado en el sitio web ArtReviewPR.com 

Puerto Rico is like a Magnificent Peacock

Puerto Rico is like a Magnificent Peacock

We have a beautiful culture with traditions that are still practiced today.  Taíno Indian Culture is the oldest, with its tribal dances and chant.  Art Review will visit a tribe so we may know more about the culture and how it has survived.

  • Taíno Indian Culture is the oldest, with its tribal dances and chant.  Art Review will visit a tribe so we may know more about the culture and how it has survived.

  •  There are also Christian traditions like the Feast of the Three Kings (The Epiphany).

A Reminder


Where am I? 

Where are you?

A message from
Marie M. Rivera aka Maguida

Yesterday, was good with a bitter taste of life's reality.

Today, January 3rd, after reflecting, I realized I was was standing on a fork road in the river of life, my life.  I can choose the higher road or dwell in the shadows of my own pride. 

A Confucius sayingI was hearing while viewing a video by Prof. McGowan on YouTube, hit the mark:"Nobler persons first practice what they preach and afterwards preach according to their practice"
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