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A Reminder


Where am I? 

Where are you?

A message from
Marie M. Rivera aka Maguida

Yesterday, was good with a bitter taste of life's reality.

Today, January 3rd, after reflecting, I realized I was was standing on a fork road in the river of life, my life.  I can choose the higher road or dwell in the shadows of my own pride. 

A Confucius saying I was hearing while viewing a video by Prof. McGowan on YouTube, hit the mark: "Nobler persons first practice what they preach and afterwards preach according to their practice"

Ever-since I became a MOM many, many moons ago, I would point out to my three daughters that they usually have choices.  This philosophy always stayed with me, so much so, that I included it in my message to the young readers"...In your life, you will find many paths. Some may bring happiness, and others may bring sadness. But it is very important that you know that the path usually has at least two choices. Select with care. Before you choose, think about how that choice  will affect your future."  And in practicing what I preach, I was able to breath a little better and feel my inner smile, a little weaker but still looking at the horizon of life with hope.

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