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There are 365 days in a year to feel the color red and celebrate the passion of love. The fire of life and not just once a year.

Do we need to celebrate the passion of life everyday of our lives? I certainly haven't done it. My life, since I can remember has been a roller coaster of emotions with love, tears of laughter and that hollow sensation of sorrow and loss. The answer to this dilemma, my dilemma is easy, I can just park my emotions in a Utopian plateau and engrave a smile on my heart.  

My soul answers laughing with scorn: Silly, you are a creation of God, a perfect being with a rainbow of emotions. You are you, a unique being, not a designer robot. Emotions are part your human composition, it is a gift.  

Well, that maybe true but it does not mean I can't tweak my human mechanism or at least try to make small changes to alter the roller coaster ride of emotions. But how? 

Let me start today, two days before the infamous St. Valentine's Day crunch where you are floating though the day smiling at the flowers, eating chocolates and listening to love songs. And then, the next day or a few days later reality checks into your emotions after the euphoria of that special day.  Did it vanish?  Hogwash!  No, it just means that advertisers and the news reporters have moved on to their next agenda. No, we don't drop like a hot potato game but we do sometimes experience the downside of the roller coaster of life.  Amazing, how your inner self, your most important asset starts working to maneuver your feelings into a safe zone.  Does it really work that way?  Sadly, not all the time. Sometime during the week, I may again be frustrated or angry about something trivial which is a nuance in the road of life, leaving me vulnerable and helpless to stop the run-a-way train of emotions. 

How to change? Start with the small stuff first. Treat yourself gently, not forgetting that morning smile in the mirror and repeating to yourself:  God, today is a beautiful day, thank you for the sun, or the rain, or the snow.  Hard for those who are snowed-in or in flooded areas yet there is always an up side in a downhill emotion, we just have to find it.  Maybe all this snow or rain has brought your family or co-workers together to chat over a hot coco or a perfect stranger has come to your rescue.  Some how there is a gem in the storm of the moment, we just have to look.  And don't say, if it only was a hot summer day because we will also find something to complain about, we always do. Too hot, too much traffic, music too loud at the beach etc. You get my drift.

Relationships are hard, we just have to love who we are and love the person in front of you because they are just like you.

By Maguida Rivera aka Marie M. Rivera
Today's Wink At Life
©  February 12th, 2015

Posted  by Maguida Rivera aka Marie

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