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An excerpt from the book:
...The baby dinosaur’s mind was spinning with a million crazy thoughts and he just couldn’t come to the realization that it was true; he was different. All three were standing with a shocked expression looking up at the Dragon God. —Now, that you have our attention, tell us what is going on and how you could be Tory’s father said the Thinker, in a protective stance, that sent a clear message to the dragon that he was not afraid and would protect Tory from harm.
—There are events that are hard to explain because they are perceived not to be normal. These events give us a new perspective and an opportunity to help and yes, there are some creatures who rebel and create havoc and it is our duty to protect humans from these rebels. Tory, you are my son and it is a long story which I will tell you in time.  Now, I must get you out of here, but you cannot return to the place of your youth, the passage is blocked.
—But I went back with my friends and I saw my mom.
I don’t know how that was possible, we need to return to the origin of your new life that was activated by the young girl, she is the reason for your reincarnation as a special being.  Your new role will be a challenge because you are so young and still possess a giggly attitude about life.  Tory, special beings are created by the celestial guardian’s to inter-act with humans, especially the one that magically touched you and gave new purpose to your existence. This change may seem a burden because you are so young, but it is an honor. You are a handsome dinosaur, but you are also a dragon like me.  No matter what the humans call you, remember you are a demi dragon not a god.    
—Kong are you sure you don’t want to join us.
—No, my son, Kong cannot join us, he has a purpose to fulfill here. Kong Qui, you are a wise young man with a keen philosophical perspective, and you are destined to enlighten young and old minds alike. Generations to come will respect and honor your teachings.  But don’t worry, we are not upsetting the universe, upon our departure no one will remember this encounter.  Yan Zhengzai has completed the task I gave her family, and for that I am grateful, but she too will not remember the jade crystal.
As they disappeared the jade crystal shattered in the air and fell in small pieces on the ground. And at the same time the clear prison that held the warrior captive disappeared.  Kong Qui picked up the crystal pieces, a gift from the God of Heaven but he couldn’t shrug off the sensation that he had been on Mount Tai on a mission with strangers, a very vivid dream. Kong attributed the fogy images as a secret message from the Gods...



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