- The Adventures of Rellie &Tory
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The Encounter

The Adventures of Rellie & Tory, the Baby Dinosaur

By Maguida Rivera


Let me tell you that I had the most fun creating the characters in this story; they
are just like you and me.

"The Encounter" follows a mischievous girl named Rellie and Sherlock, her small poodle in an adventure that begins with a family vacation where they help the museum dig for dinosaur bones. After a few days, Rellie found herself noise to noise with a freckled faced dinosaur and she asked herself, Did it happen?  I think so..

The characters are funny and heartwarming, especially Tory, the baby dinosaur who has to learn how to make “ice cream from spoiled milk”.

Without giving it all away, Tory, the baby dinosaur, resembles my grandson, Ben,
when he was four years old. And Sherlock, the miniature toy poodle, has the
curiosity and personality of my daughter, Zoranne, when she was a little girl.

No more giveaways for now, but just know that if you and I ever met before our
encounter in this adventure, maybe one of the characters in this story is a little bit like you.               
                                         Affectionately, Maguida

Short excerpt of the first chapter:
As usual, Rellie was not paying attention to detail, and she walked a little too far from the dig site. —Here, this place looks like a good spot. Sherlock, let‛s start digging!

Sherlock turned his back to Rellie, which was a sign that clearly said no. He was not going to dig for some old bones in the hot sun, especially if he couldn‛t chew on them. —What fools these humans are. Imagine, looking for old bones under this scorching sun! Who needs those old bones anyway? They are dry, rotten, and probably taste disgusting. Nope, I‛ll just take a little rest here and keep an eye open on Rellie—reasoned the disgruntled Sherlock, ignoring the mandate of his mistress.

Bummer!—thought Rellie. —I‛ve been digging all morning and still no bones. But I‛m not giving up ‘til I find at least one bone. Right now, I wish we had gone on that Caribbean vacation, which would have been better than this dry, hot and boring place.

Rellie kept on digging and digging under the hot sun, and after a while, to her surprise she struck something hard.

—Maybe it‛s a bone! It is a bone! I found a bone!—shouted Rellie excitedly to Sherlock as she kept digging faster and faster.

Sherlock on the other hand was pulling at her shirt to get her out of the hot sun, but Rellie ignored him and just kept on digging. All of the sudden, sticking out of the dirt was part of a rather large bone.

—Wow!—Rellie exclaimed. —This looks like an old bone. Maybe it‛s a fossil from a dinosaur.

Very carefully, she started to dig around the enormous bone. As she bent down to get a closer look, she touched the fossil and … poof! Rellie was surprised to find herself nose-to-nose with the face of a freckle-faced dinosaur. And seconds later … poof! The face of the dinosaur just disappeared.

♥ A Collectors Item 
Paperback:  132 pages Full Color
Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.3 x 8.5 inches

Language:  English and Spanish
ISBN-10: 1481723502
ISBN-13: 978-1481723503
Publisher: AuthorHouse 



eBook $3.99
ISBN-13: 978-14817-2351-0 e
eBook $3.99
ISBN-13: 978-14817-2351-0 e

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