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Christmas Ornaments

This was many moons ago when my little one, Brigitte was about six or seven years old.  I use to keep our Christmas ornaments, and yes, our  artificial tree in our building storage. Then comes the weekend after Thanksgiving, no Black Friday shopping. Instead, it was my time to haul all the Christmas stuff and start putting up the tree.  This particular season was very tight financially for me so I was grateful that I still had the artificial tree I bought a few years earlier.  

But to my HORROR the boxes were all gone except one.  Almost in tears, as if life couldn't get harder, I brought the box upstairs to my apartment.  I just starred at the open box that only had the top of the tree and smiled at Brigitte saying: "Were going to have a special Christmas, I promise." I took out the plant from the large pot and stuck the top of the tree in, "Brigitte, we are going to put up new and old Christmas cards and put them in the tree as ornaments.  You will see it is going to be a very special tree and Santa will love it when he visits our home."  And so we had our very special Christmas tree full of good cheers from family and friends.  

This week we bought another artificial tree for Luquillo and I was appalled at how expense the really beautiful ornaments were, so I didn't buy any.  

Could have charged it, but instead I told, Norvi, my better half about my idea. His first remark was that it was a lot of work and raising PJ takes up just about all our time. Bummer, he's right. But the more I thought about it, the less I thought about how difficult a task it would be. So here goes...

Now December 2016 and the ornamates never got done, no big surprises, best ideas are made in heaven but it is up to us to make them happen.  This year is a very special Christmas without my grandson Benny but I am still grateful that I will spend it with my family.   Small blessings.   

Missing you Benny!

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